Our Story

In 1955, when two brothers Bhagwandas Agarwal and Mata Din Agarwal rented a small space in Banaras, the foundation for Banarasiya’s legacy was set. Ten years later, they opened their first store in the city called MB Sarees (that is, Meghraj Bhagwandas Sarees Pvt Ltd.) and sold the most exquisite Banarasi raw sarees and fabrics (thans) there. 

Today, both MB Sarees and its subsidiary venture, Banarasiya, continue to carry forward a 65 year old family legacy. While MB Sarees specialises in manufacturing raw materials like Banarasi bootas, fabrics (thans), and zaal, Banarasiya retails readymade sarees, suits, dupattas, and fabrics.

Slowly but steadily, a lot has changed with our venture. From connecting traditional Banarasi  weavers to wholesalers, we’ve expanded our network by directly connecting them to our customers across the world. We have also come a long way from solely manufacturing raw fabrics (thans). We now design and retail readymade sarees, which not only makes our fabrics shine, but also empowers our Banarasi karigars.

However, what has remained constant throughout all these years is our promise - Our promise to deliver nothing but the best quality and designs, at the most reasonable prices, and to ensure that the classic Banarasi weaving gets the spotlight it deserves.


After ten years of starting their small adventure of promoting local art, both Bhagwandas Agarwal and Mata Din Agarwal formed MB Sarees, making it an early milestone in Banarasiya’s long history. Since then, Banarasiya has remained faithful to its core values, expressed simply in four words: quality, functionality, beauty and affordability.

Banarasiya’s team strives to maintain a clear and transparent relationship with its customers by actively informing them about the various techniques of production used (handloom/powerloom) as well as offering great designs at approachable prices to its customers.

Banarasiya’s mission is further strengthened by lending support to the Banarasi artisans and local community.

With a futuristic approach, Banarasiya is on its way to becoming a global brand, promoting the city of Banaras as a manufacturing hub for rich Banarasi handlooms. The brand stands for being as inclusive as possible and aims to serve everyone who loves our work, every single day!


Banarasiya’s CSR has been strong and deep rooted since its inception. Through innovative projects, Banarasiya has successfully been supporting local Banarasi artisans and generating employment for years.

Reviving the weaves, in true sense, Banarasiya heavily focuses on promoting Banaras’ intricate weaving techniques. These traditional weaves seemed to be lost amidst the rise of fast fashion industries and thus, had to be preserved. At every step of the way, Banarasiya has been conscious and aware of its duties towards society.